Will Graphics Really Make this Post Any Better?

If you’ve read anything about the ‘How To’s’ of blogging, you know that it generally said that graphics make the post. If you want people to read what you’re writing, then – aside from good content – you should add some sort of graphic. In other words, people readers have short attention spans and need something pretty to look at.

Enter my questions. Is this true? Does anyone really care about the graphics? Sure, it makes your post look nice. Maybe adds a bit of pizzazz to it, but are we all so shallow as to not read a post just because there’s no corresponding picture?

To clarify, this is not a judgement, but rather an observation and a genuine question. Is a graphic in a post the equivalent of a book jacket? Can a good graphic make or break your post?


3 thoughts on “Will Graphics Really Make this Post Any Better?

  1. Having a picture I think certainly helps, but also having a catchy title that stands out and grabs a person’s attention I believe is just as important.


  2. For me personally, a catchy title will pull me in. The graphic may or may not cement my “need” to read the post. Typically as long as the title is catchy I’m in!

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