How To Talk To Guys?


For starters, this is not a ‘How To 101’ post. Was the title misleading? My bad.

No, seriously, how do you talk to guys and keep your brain working? Mine stops. Like total function shutdown – reboot indeterminate…
Socially awkward doesn’t even begin to cover it. Socially inept might be better. Slightly. It not even just guys though, I have problems carrying on conversations with basically anyone that I don’t know/am not comfortable with. I mean, if you’re doing 85-95% of the talking, depending on the day, I can totally put in the 5-15% difference.

This is not helpful when trying to chat with guys on, I don’t know let’s say Tinder for shits and giggles. You’d think it’d be easier. Less pressure. There’s no one staring back at you expectantly. Like, “Hello, it’s your turn to make words, dummy!” Not the case. Not. At. All.

I must have missed the day when everyone else learned to be genial and gregarious. I mean, like to my close friends I’m those things – most days. Occasionally. Sometimes. I suppose I must surrender to the fact that I was not blessed with the gift of gab. I don’t understand the idea of talking for the sake of, you know, talking. I speak when I have something to say, that I feel is worth saying, and that others will care about, if I say. Basically this means, if I’m actually conversing with you, you should pay attention to what I’m saying. I could be telling you how to cure cancer or something equally important! Seriously, though. I read that somewhere in my personality profile – INTJ – that when I speak it’s rarely for pleasantries and it’s because I actually have something to say. So you know, listen!


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