I’m Going to Write A Book – AKA – The Worst Idea Ever

Guess what guys?!

I am going to write a book!!!

Full disclosure, this may or may not be the worst idea I have ever had. I’m kind of shaking in my metaphorical boots.

I never really realized all the development and outlining and details that went into writing a book. For some reason, I thought you could just start writing and your brain/imagination would guide you and not abandon you at random intervals during the process. I guess you could call it naiveté, but I totally thought plot planning was for suckers. I’m a sucker.

Seriously, though. Have you ever wondered how, when you’re reading a book and something in the fourth chapter is a super random foreshadow to the climax in the 26th chapter?! It’s not a coincidence! As much as you’d love to believe otherwise, it is a carefully constructed, delicately detailed and meticulously planned foreshadow. For you. The reader. MIND BLOWN!!

Ok, maybe you had already worked that much out (maybe, maybe not. There’s no need to brag if you did). Either way, the work that goes into a novel – and I’m talking just the pre-work here people. The stuff that happens before you write a damn thing on the paper, is intense. Character bios, plot structure, antagonist, protagonist, background people (whom I have lovingly termed fillers), settings, date, time, era, century, the list goes on …

There is a very real chance that I am over thinking all of this. I have a tendency to do that. I am a nonconformist planner. (That basically means that I tell people that I don’t like to plan things out and that I like to see how things evolve naturally but I really, secretly do like to plan things out because I don’t like when things are up in the air and the unknown is treacherous water with a high wind warning.)

At any rate, I foresee this novel-writing business be a long and arduous endeavor, full of heartbreak, regret, anger, and – you guessed it – woe. Why? Because it’s not all roses when your writing.

2 thoughts on “I’m Going to Write A Book – AKA – The Worst Idea Ever

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