Random Rant || Somebody – Please Give Leo A Damn Oscar


I know Oscar nominations haven’t been announced yet but, can we, as a collective group, just give Leonardo DiCaprio the damn thing now?! For serious, you guys!

I have not yet seen The Revenant, but it’s on my list. I have, however, seen every other movie that Leo has been Oscar nominated for and let me tell you, the man DESERVES it!

It’s kind of mind boggling that at this stage in the game, he doesn’t have one yet! Cate Blanchett has 2 already!! Am I comparing apples to oranges?! I think not.

Jennifer Lawrence, who has only been on the scene for like 5 years, has an Oscar. Yes, she’s adorable in that uber real, unfiltered, what-is-she-going-to-say-next kind of way, but this is LEONARDO DICAPRIO! A man who has proven to the world time and time again that he can and will deliver a stellar performance in anything he does.

When was the last time he had a flop? 2008 with Body of Lies. Since then, basically cinema gold! Even The Great Gatsby (which received pretty mixed reviews) made over $100k at the box office!


I realize that the Oscars are rigged. It’s nothing more than a Hollywood popularity contest and crap, but let us make one thing crystal clear. Leonardo DiCaprio deserves an Oscar.


This has been the first of edition of Random Rants. Until next time!


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