You Like Me, You Really Like Me!


It must be award season all around because Nonsense & Books has been nominated for a blogger award!

Ok, so I’m not actually 100% clear on what I was exactly nominated for (I believe it’s for this post) but, hey, I’ll take what I can get!

Big thanks to The Lonely Tribalist for the nomination! It’s a pretty bad-ass way to start the week – my life is sooo exciting… 

The nomination came with a Quid Pro Quo of sorts, so in the vein of paying things forward, I would also like to nominate the following:

Am I Thirty  for Eight Other Christmas Songs That Are Super Offensive 


Highest Form of Whit for Dear Santa

I told y’all, I need more blogs to follow!! Check out Moose and Michelle’s original post for the “rules” for the awards and spread the love around some more!

From: Awards Post: Well, Aren’t We Just a Snuggly Ball of Sunshine? (Wait, Don’t Actually Try to Snuggle a Ball of Literal Sunshine)

Here are the “rules”:

Thank the person/people who nominated you
Answer the questions from your nominator(s)
Nominate other bloggers and give them  11 questions to answer
Inform your nominees with a pingback and/or by dropping a comment on their blog!
As always, if nominated, you are by no means obligated to participate. Just know that it means Moose and I have enjoyed reading your blog! And you can pick any or all three of the awards to take – it’s all the same to us. Now, let’s get this thing rolling.

My 11 questions (anyone can answer these in the comments, as well):

If I were to tell you I’d give you $1 million for drinking an entire bottle of sriracha, what would you do?
Team Michael Scott or Team Ron F*cking Swanson?
What’s the worst part about blogging?
What was the last thing you ate (and can you get me some)?
Where was your first kiss? (Or where would you like your first kiss? Come on, mama likes detail.)
Where would you rather be right now, if time, responsibilities, or money weren’t issues?
Three wishes: What would you like?
What is one thing about your country you wish you could change?
What’s something you wanted to be when you were a kid?
Where do you see yourself a year from now?
Final inquiry: Favorite Donald Trump quote?

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