It’s Friday – Get Some!


Happy Friday everyone!

My day without sugar didn’t go so well. I made it all through work, but when I left the damn Starbucks in the lobby was calling my name and well… you can guess what happened. So that was a major fail. But fear not for me! I will try again and be VICTORIOUS!



Who knows.

Any who, it’s FRIDAY and  it’s PAYDAY! And that means Happy Hour after work with the other cool kids and then it’s Ladies Night at the pottery studio! Oh yeah, I roll big and hit the pottery studio. Jealous?!

In all seriousness, the pottery place is AMAZING! Especially Ladies Night. There’s Wine and Dessert and painting pottery with my girls. It’s going to be a good day. Now if I can only make it through the next 6 hours…

Enjoy your Friday and long weekend my lovelies and get yours!



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