This Is Your Life | Are You Who You Want To Be?


Dear Switchfoot,

Your song is stuck in my head and it’s obnoxious and it’s forcing reflective moments upon myself.

I do not enjoy unwanted reflective moments with myself.



Am I who I thought I would be at this age?

Uh, no.

But at the same time, I don’t think I had a specific expectation for 27.

30? Sure, I had an idea of where I want to be when I’m 30. I’m not really there yet.

27 … not so much. It’s that interim age where I’m on my way to who and what I want to be, so I’m going to say that means I can cut myself a little bit of slack. But still, this provokes the reflective question, who do I want to be?

Honestly, I’ve never been good with five-year-plans and things of the like. I’m not driven by ambition or money (maybe I’d be better off if I was). I have high in the sky hopes of being a film producer or working in the film industry in one capacity or another as a career, but I have little to no inkling of how to make those dreams come to fruition.

In conclusion, no Switchfoot, I am not who I want to be, but I am on my way. Hopefully. Thank you for bringing about unwanted moments of deep thoughts and life reflection!


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