It’s Called History – Learn From It


I’ve been struggling with the idea of writing post(s) with Black History Month in mind. I had the notion towards the beginning of the month to dedicate a post a week to a significant person in the Black community but then I started wondering if in doing so I would then feel obligated to write similar posts for other similar observances and I nixed that idea.

Here’s the thing, if you’ve read my About Me page/post, you may recall that I am bi-racial (my mom’s white and my dad is black). The extent of my Black History knowledge goes only just a smidge farther than my public school and college education provided me. My dad will often joke that my “Black card” has been revoked (although I’m not certain I ever received one to begin with), when the gaps in my knowledge are glaringly obvious (to him).

With this in mind, I had thought about penning (figuratively speaking) posts with Black History Month in mind. Not only as a way for myself to lessen my own knowledge gaps, but for others to do so as well. The hitch with this is that, like I said earlier, I wondered if I would be expected (from myself or others) to do similar posts for other similar observances. But also, even if I did decide to write these posts, I probably would only have written one or two, if that, because I’m a procrastinator and it took me almost all of of February just to write this post.

I have decided that this week’s Poem of the Week will be inspired by Black History Month (check back on Wednesday to see the poem), so there’s that.

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