What I’m Listening To | Andra Day


There is a real chance that I am no longer on the up and up when it comes to rising artists. I thinks that’s what they call ‘getting older’. Sigh.

In any case, my dad was actually the first person who told me to listen to Andra Day after I had mentioned my new affinity for Leon Bridges. I had every intention of doing so, but then was distracted by one thing or another, forgot her name and life went on. Then last week, I was reading something about the Grammy’s and read her name, saw her picture, and remembered, “That’s the girl dad was telling me to listen to!” 

Hi-Ho-Hi-Ho off to Spotify I go! 

If you haven’t already been mesmerized by the amazing, beautiful and soulful voice that is Andra Day, please make your way to Spotify, iTunes, Pandora etc!

Vaguely reminiscent of a blend of Amy Whinehouse and Adele, Andra Day is a refreshing and enchanting addition to the neo-soul genre.

But you don’t have to take my word for it, check out the video below of the acoustic version of her single ‘Rise Up’, and the Spotify link to my personal favorite (aside from Rise Up) ‘Rearview’.

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