A Raven and A Writing Desk

I need a writing nook. At the very least, I need an actual place to write (type) where there’s no distractions or clutter and I can center my thoughts.

Fun fact: Most of my posts are written (typed) while I’m watching tv on the couch, or on my lunch/breaks at work. Occasionally, they are started on my phone and finished (again on the couch) when I get home.

Right now, I’m in between apartments and living with my mom (I’m totally winning this adulting thing) and all my stuff is cramped into my old bedroom, her spare room/former office, and the garage. A nice, quiet place to write there is not.

Honestly, though, I’m not sure it would be much better if I had my own apartment. If I had a two bedroom or something and I had an actual office maybe, but even when I had my desk set up at my last place I never actually used it. I need a desk set up with a view; looking out a window for reflection or something (can you tell I’ve romanticized writing?).

Hopefully, before the year’s out, I’ll be back in my own place complete with a perfect writing nook.



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