529661_10150700015736067_422158413_nI’m Nikki and this is the About Page… obviously.

Direct from a this post:

The thing you need to know about me is that I hate talking (writing) about myself. This trait seems counterproductive to having a blog, I know. I’m working on it. Like most people, I tend to focus on the flaws rather than focus on or accentuate the good things about myself. Also like most people, I am a work in progress. I am nowhere near perfect. I have a myriad of issues that Freud probably wouldn’t even want to touch. That being said, I’m not crazy. I think.

Here are some facts.

I am twenty-something (mind your own beeswax). I live in Seattle. I work at a large corporate company doing something that I only mildly enjoy (Finance) and have no idea what my five year plan is (Shh). I live alone. I don’t have pets, but I am seriously considering getting a cat. I’m allergic to cats. I have my AA and have enrolled in several four year universities to finish my Bachelors, but have never actually completed any classes to that end. I’ve changed my degree at least 4 times. My current degree kick is Computer Information Systems. We’ll see how long that sticks.

I am biracial; my mother is white, my father is black. I grew up in a very, shall we say, gentrified area. I proudly describe myself to others as being an Oreo. Suck it negative connotation! I am also severely single. I’m sure reading this blog you will come to understand why (probably this description of myself will suffice). I am an only child. This fact leads to other personality traits, but more on that later.

According to the lovely Myers-Brigg personality assessment, I am an INTJ and in that should tell you a lot about what you should know about me. The description fits me to a T.

Random facts lightning round: I hate shopping unless it’s online. I love music and movies and really anything to do with the arts. My favorite musical is The Phantom of the Opera. My least favorite musical is Rent. I love singing but I will never sing in front of you unless it’s along with the radio and the volume is loud.

Nice to meet you, and I hope you enjoy Nonsense & Books ❤


14 thoughts on “About

      • In all seriousness though, I enjoyed reading your About page. I found parts of it to be rather amusing, especially when you wrote, “I don’t have pets, but I am seriously considering getting a cat. I’m allergic to cats.” I actually chuckled when I read that, and I hardly ever chuckle when I read.

        I also sincerely approve of your gravatar image. It’s amusing and creative, and definitely stands out from the crowd (in a good way). Unfortunately mine is better, because it has a jaguar in it. It’s nothing personal, but jaguars are awesome.

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      • All I can think of when someone says jaguar is the Will Farrell snl sketch… “Do you like luxury? Fine dining and expensive things? Jaguar. The worlds finest automobile!”

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      • I’ve never seen that sketch, and YouTube has failed to deliver me from my comedic ignorance 😦

        I did find a Top Gear review of a modern Jaguar F-Type though. Apparently Jaguar no longer caters to those who like luxury, fine dining, and expensive things. Now they design, “X-rated hardcore monster(s) for the terminally unhinged.” I find that description to be worryingly appealing.

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